Undergraduate Programs

DYCI utilizes various strategies such as tests, interviews, and vocational counselling in its admission process not only for screening purposes but also in providing optimum help and guidance on career preparation and decision-making to the applicant seeking admission.

To be considered for admission, the institution requires applicants to pass the DYCI College Entrance Examination. DYCI admits students who are of good moral character, who have the required academic credentials and who are willing to abide by the rules and regulations of DYCI. No student will be denied admission to DYCI by reason of socio-economic status, religious or political belief/affiliation, age, sex, race or physical defect that has no bearing in one's chosen course; provided that the applicant has satisfied all the following admission requirements:

1. Incoming Freshman

a. Entrance Examination
b. High School Report Card (F-137A)
c. NSO Certified Birth Certificate (Photocopy 2 pcs.)
d. Four (4)  2 x 2 photos
e. Certificate of Good Moral Character
f. Medical Examination Certificate
g. Long Brown Envelope


2. Student Transferees

a. Entrance Examination
b. Honorable Dismissal
c. Certificate of Good Moral character
d. NSO Certified Birth Certificate (Photocopy 2 pcs.)
e. Four (4)  2 x 2 photos
f. An official copy of grades or transcript of records for evaluation signed by the Dean or Registrar
g. Medical Examination Certificate
h. NSO Certified Marriage Contract, If Married (For Female Nursing Student only, photocopy 2pcs.)
i. Long Brown Envelope


Applicants may be asked to submit additional requirements as required by the specific course/college units.



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