Grade School Admission and Enrolment

  1. New students and transferees shall undergo an entrance exam first to gauge the level of competency of the students. Moreover, interview is set by the Guidance Office with the transferees.

  2. Transferees and incoming nursery and Grade 1 students seeking admission to the school, shall present the following requirements to the Grade School Registrar for assessment:
    1. a. Form 138 – Card
    2. b. Photocopy of Birth Certificate
    3. c. Certification of Good Moral Character
    4. d. 2 copies of 2 x 2 picture

  3. For returning students seeking admission to the school shall, they present the following
    1. Form 138 – Card
    2. Invitation Letter duly signed by the Director/Principal

  4. The students shall be asked to fill-up the Registration Form by the Grade School Registrar. The Registrar then shall identify on the form the corresponding fees to be paid by the students in the Cashier’s office.

  5. The students shall pay the fees to the Cashier in the Accounting Office.



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