The Reimagined Learning Program

As the pandemic has increasingly affected the vast majority of lives, Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. (DYCI) finds it essential to keep the students facilitated with inclusive learning opportunities. Amidst the crisis, we remain true to the DYCIan core values, abbreviated as MAGIS (Mission-driven, Altruistic, God-centered, Innovative, and Socially-responsible). We remain steadfast with our commitment to our dear DYCIans in providing activities that harness the heart, mind, and soul. This is achieved through our R.E.I.M.A.G.I.N.E.D. Learning Program (Roadmap for Excellent and Inclusive Modalities and Approaches towards a God-centered and Innovative New Normal of Education for our DYCIans).

The program seeks to provide equal and inclusive learning opportunities to all DYCIan learners. We aim to deliver innovative modalities to promote the development not only of the mind through the academic programs but also, and more importantly, of the heart and soul through the non-academic and God-centered programs. This is the hallmark of DYCIan education!

And to show you an overview of this program, we humbly share to you this video.

Mga minamahal naming DYCIans, kayo po ang siyang nasa puso at isip namin sa pagbuo ng layuning ito. Asahan po ninyong sa taung aralan 2020-2021, WALA PONG DYCIAN ANG MAIIWAN.

The DYCI Reimagined Learning Flashdrive

No internet needed. Inclusive Learning. All DYCIans from Pre-school to College will have this. The DYCIan Reimagined Learning Flashdrive!

The Reimagined innovation terminology