The Most Transformative School in the Philippines

The culture of doing more for others and the passion for excellence have always been impregnable anchors of the Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. (DYCI) as an institution – from the students, faculty, administration and the entire school as well. Aside from the achievements, awards and recognitions that the school, the administration, the faculty and the students have collectively reaped through the years, DYCI High School has also put a premium in doing social responsibility, involving every DYCIan to do good and help others.

Values and Spiritual Formation
The societal role of DYCIans is fully anchored on the need to inscribe the presence of God to the whole community and the values essential to nation-building, especially catering to the youth and the impoverished.
Thus, DYCI is fully engaged in values formation through different involvement of its faculty and students to these activities:

  • Catechism: Once a week, almost a hundred of our High School students teach at the Cong. Erasmo Cruz Memorial Central school in Bocaue. Grades 1 to 5 are handled by the students, which have hundreds of students per year level. Since 2006, this has been our mission.
  • Saturday School for Kids: Since March 2014, DYCIans and faculty members spearhead the teaching of basic values and good manners and the deepening of the weekly gospel to kids aged 5-12, every Saturday, from 8-10am at the Sub-parish of Wakas, Bocaue, Bulacan. The number of participants every week ranges from 30-70 kids.
  • Liturgical Participation: Moreover, our students volunteer themselves together with the faculty members in taking part in various liturgical activities of the Parish through different means – as lectors and commentators, choir members, liturgical dancers, collectors and even as servers of the altar. Since 2004, the school has actively taken part in various parochial activities that have significantly contributed to a deepened and livelier liturgical programs.

Malnutrition and Mitigation Program
DYCI has been engaged in a feeding program for the chosen “malnourished” students of its adopted school, Cong. Erasmo Cruz Memorial Central School. Every section is tasked to manage the 3-day feeding program every school year. To date, DYCI High School has 50 sections making the feeding program the entire school year since 2006.

Information and Communication Technology
A means to uplift the society is to help in molding the competitive advantage of the people and helping them be at par with the fast-paced advancements in the field of information and communication technology.

  • Robotics Outreach: As DYCI has gained much milestones and advancements in the field of Robotics (7 Philippine Robotics Olympiad Titles and 2 World Robot Olympiad Titles), it has also started its service to the community by teaching the basics of robotics to different sectors, even the marginalized. DYCI Has even partnered itself with 2009 CNN Hero of the Year, Efren Peñaflorida to teach robotics to their beneficiaries.
  • Computer Outreach: Since 2003, faculty and student volunteers have taught public school students the essential computer software and applications. Grade 5 and 6 students of two chosen schools, Bocaue Central and Malis Elementary in Guiguinto, Bulacan are the beneficiaries of this outreach program.

Arts, History and Culture
Participation of DYCIans in community-building go beyond the traditional outreach programs and even involve itself in the arts and culture. Since 2004, DYCIans are participating in the reenactment of Rizal execution every December 30. The DYCI Dancetroupe and choir members have alse been part of many civic activities that deepen the appreciation of arts, history and culture.
Indeed, in our own ways, far more than the basic function of an academe, I can proudly say that Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. provides good service to its multi-stakeholders.